Sydney Harwin - Mom Cant Stop Her Son

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Description: Taboo, Stuck, Doggystyle, Boy Girl, Domination

Mom has decided to crawl underneath her son's bed in her quest to find porn... She doesn't end up finding any however, and instead gets caught by her son who walks in to see her little ass sticking up in the air and with no panties on underneath her dress. She attempts to crawl out, but he pins her and starts to touch her private parts. The more she tries to get out, the rougher he becomes in his efforts to stop her, and soon he spreads her wide and shoves his hard cock deep inside her. She is extremely reluctant, telling him countless times that he shouldn't be doing this to his mom... But he doesn't stop, instead he just fucks her harder and harder. She tells him that she was only looking for porn, but didn't find any. He carries on pounding away into her tight pussy until suddenly Mom just can't hide her moans any longer, and explodes cum around his cock. He finishes inside of her and then walks away, leaving Mom tired, confused and if she is honest... A little bit happy. Contains two camera angles, one showing Mom's face and reactions to being fucked, and another angle showing her son ramming her from behind. You can see the son in the background of the facial shots fucking her, so both angles contain some real good views of the fucking action, and Mom's various facial expressions and reactions to what is happening to her. TAG'S; mom , son , trapped , reluctant , orgasm control , boy/girl sex , touching , embarrassment , spanking and more
Models: Sydney Harwin