MissaX - A Push From the Nest - Part 2 (Dee Williams, Codey Steele, Dante Colle)

Duration: 41:06 Views: 14K Submitted: 1 year ago
Description: Studio : MissaX
Cast : Dee Williams, Codey Steele, Dante Colle

Dee Williams is driving in her car and talking to her husband on the phone about their adult sons who are still living at home even though they are both around the age of 30. Dee arrives home and, as usual, the guys (Dante Colle and Codey Steele) are playing video games and don't get up to help her bring in the groceries. Dee ends up dropping to the floor and dropping the groceries as they continue to play. Dante also mentions that he has an older girl that he has been messing around with that is around Dee's age and Dee listens intently, as if a plan to get them out of the house is forming in real time.

Later that night Dee sneaks out of her husband's bed to talk to Dante. After a short conversation Dee leans down and kisses him. Step one commences for A Push from the Nest. The seduction starts off as a slow burn as Dee sucks off Dante, building his confidence as she does. Dante returns the favor as well as they 69 before getting into cowgirl and other sex positions before he pulls off and cums on her quivering pussy.

It is now the next day and Dante Colle grabs Dee Williams in the hallway, he wants order to sneak her away in the shower for a quickie but they are interrupted by Dee's other stepson, Codey Steele, who tells Dee that they need to talk. He is wondering what is happening between her and Dante. She says it's nothing but he isn't convinced. Codey knows what he saw and the tables are turned. Dee is no longer in control as Codey wants what Dante got. Dee decides it's only fair to show her other stepson "a little," and then a little more, until Codey asks for Dee to slide down her panties and open her legs. Feeling submissive turns Dee on, and Codey can clearly see how wet she is. This leads Codey to dip in with his fingers, and taste his sweet stepmother's perfect pussy with his tongue. Dee then takes her turn as Codey lays back on the bed while she sucks him off, locking as with him as she does. Dee, when finished, then crawls up to mount him in cowgirl before moving onto other positions.

We can see a difference in the stepson's personalities. Codey is a bit more aggressive but it makes for a nice contrast between his stepbrother's lover boy persona in scene one. This scene ends with a creampie instead of an external pop. A short blooper reel is also included after the scene. It's always a fun day shooting in the MissaX playhouse.

After walking in on Dee Williams and Codey Steele, Dante Colle is horrified and hurt, he storms out of the room and onto the couch. A concerned Dee Williams tries to calm him down. She feels terrible about being caught with her other stepson, but her plan is working! Dante has a job interview already. She reminds him to soothe himself, it's an important day, and she then leaves for work as the guys have a contentious conversation. While at work, Dee gets a call from Codey. Codey is horny and wants to have phone sex at her work, Dee adamantly refuses! With an office full of guys, and also her overbearing boss, she can not get caught. Codey's sexy voice turns her on, and she remembers how good his cock felt last night. She reluctantly touches herself to his request, her eyes close as she remembers his hand over her breasts, his fingers in his pussy, his beautiful young cock splitting her in two, and the the two have phone sex while at her desk-- in her public office! She almost gets caught by her boss but is able to convince him that nothing was going on.

Dee returns home and as she walks into the house the guys are starting to get physical. Dante demands that his stepbrother, Codey, leave their stepmother alone. They both try to appeal to her in order for her to choose one of them, In the end they all agree that they should have one last time, together. Their stepmother may look sweet and helpful but we know by now she has such a dirty, dirty mind. She wants them both at the same time. It's the best thing to repair her family. Although Dante is reluctant to the idea, and the boys feel competitive, the three of them begin to kiss, touch, and she desperately wants to taste both of their cocks at the same time. The trio engage in taboo talk, foreplay, and oral before moving onto sex. First each guy gets a turn while she sucks off the other and then they DP her tight little holes.

Dante and Codey take on their original personas throughout this scene with Codey being a bit more aggressive while Dante is more sensual. Both guys also get a turn in Dee's ass before they both cum inside her.