Xev Bellringer OnlyFans - Exploring Mommy Bot

Duration: 17:18 Views: 43K Submitted: 1 year ago
Description: This is a sequel to Xev Bellringer's Your New Mommy Bot scene. Your mom is chatting with you while cleaning up your room. You step away for a bit, and she notices a noise coming from your closet. Opening the closet, she finds your mommy bot recharging. Shocked, she investigates further and your mommy bot starts a conversation and discusses the sexual acts you've been doing with her while your mom touches Mommy Bot's breasts.

Your mom becomes intrigued at the thought of embracing you and begins masturbating while Mommy Bot continues talking. She hears you approaching and panics, and on queue Mommy Bot reaches 0% battery charge. Compromised, your mom pushes Mommy Bot aside, puts on the bra that she was wearing, and stands in the charging station to pose as Mommy Bot.

Clearly this is leading to a third video where you fuck your mom, thinking that it's Mommy Bot.

Sex Acts & Keywords: Basically a more elaborate solo scene with Xev masturbating and playing with her boobs. She plays the role of your mom as well as the mommy bot that you have been having sex with.
Models: Xev Bellringer