Sydney Harwin - Camping with Mommy

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Description: Its been a long time since you went camping with your Mom, but when she asked you on the phone the other week to accompany her to a campsite for a short vacation, you couldn't say no! You wouldn't let her go on her own and your Dad is too busy working to do anything for her. When you arrive, its late and your Mom is freezing so you offer her your jacket to keep warm. You tell her you don't need it, because you go to bed commando anyway, which she is a little shocked at, but doesn't mind (as long as you face the other way, she doesn't want your morning glory poking her in the back!) You only have one blanket to share and your Mom is tired after the long drive here, so you decide to get a semi-early night to rest together. Some time passes overnight and you wake up horny.. you can't stop thinking about the tipsy "kiss" you and your Mother shared last month at a family party (even though she hasn't wanted to talk about it) and you start to pull the blanket off her, just to get a quick look at her ass as you jerk off quietly.. but she wakes up and catches you. She is embarrassed, but throws herself at you for a kiss without explanation. Before you both know it, you are fucking on the floor of the tent without protection...hard and deep

Contains pov taboo sex, mommy fetish, camping theme, blowjob, cum in mouth, squirting, and dirty talk. Her accent is great, and her eyes are fantastic. Enjoy!
Models: Sydney Harwin