[ShinyCockFilms] Jane Cane - Son Assaults His Mom

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Description: Son Fucks Stuck Mom Again - Mom is in the living room doing yoga stretches when her son walks in. He sits down and watches her. In the middle of her routine, she throws out her lower back. She is so thankful that her son is there. She asks him for help, but all he wants to do is laugh and make fun of her. Mom is desperate begging for her son to help her get to her bedroom, but he takes complete advantage of the situation. He shoves his cock in her mouth making her gag. Then he walks behind her and pulls her yoga pants down. He plays with her pussy while she cries out and begs for him to stop, but he doesn't. He throws oil on his mom's ass and puts his big dick inside of her. He fucks his mother while she screams and desperately begs him to go away, but he can't stop. He fucks her until he cums all over her ass, then leaves her there. WARNING - This is a very intense clip. It is highly recommended for those interested in participating in an extreme taboo fantasy.

*(This video was deleted from her Manyvids page and likely all of her other pages as well.)
Models: Jane Cane