[Manyvids] Missbehavin26 - Cuckolding my son with his bully

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This is shot from the pov of the bully and son, so you get two viewpoints.
I personally love this video and highly recommend ! It will get your heart racing and u will want more more moreeee
As my son u come home early to find ur mother getting banged by your school friend and as ur watching u start jerking off....she starts looking at u licking her lips and winking...even referring to u as she is getting fucked by your friend. The next day , mother sits down with you to tell u how much she enjoyed all of it and cant get enough of you ! She says she will even wear the nude stalkings for you like you liked the day befor. ....now sit down on the floor and jerk off for me (joi) while i strip to a sensual song over you and later ill lower myself down on your cock ! Ill tell u pretty exciting things a mother should never tell her son and also do a few things...she shouldnt be doing

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