Larkin Love - Son creampies Mom On His Birthday

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Description: It's my son's birthday and I'm going to show him a good time, come hell or high water. After we close down the local bar, I take him home, pull out a bottle of my favorite spirit, and start pouring shots. We're getting royally fucked up, but it's so much fun, I don't want to stop.
Ten shots in, I'm so out of it, I spill my drink all over my shirt. My son tries to be helpful and dry my ample bosom with a napkin. His hands feel so good on my boobs that despite myself, I feel my pussy getting wet with arousal. I lift up my shirt to better feel his hands on my skin. I can see the bulge in my son's pants growing as he paws at my massive tits. With a wicked grin, I press his face into my cleavage and slip a nipple into his mouth. He's so smashed he barely hesitates to suck my milky, fat titties. I'm beyond caring whether this is wrong or right. All I know is that his mouth feels amazing!
My son's fingers slide into my warm, eager pussy effortlessly. Before I can protest, I lose myself in the pleasure of his hands playing with my G-spot and clit. This whole situation has gotten out of hand. If only I hadn't had so many drinks. I can't think straight. I know what we're doing is wrong, but it feels so good, I can't help myself. I let my son suck on my tits as he fingers me, bringing me to orgasm again and again.
His cock begins to throb and stand rock hard. I want to get fucked so badly . . . Am I really going to lie here and let my own son fuck me? I don't even want to resist any more. The thought of having his hard cock inside me makes me wetter than I've ever been in my life. My inhibitions are completely gone - and so are his. We fuck hard and fast, desperate for satisfaction. But what will happen if we go too far? What if he cums inside me? I'm not on birth control any more. Honestly, I'm so faded, I don't even care anymore. Fuck me, son! M0mmy wants it bad!
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