[Manyvids] ImMeganLive - Mom helps son last longer

Duration: 31:00 Views: 4.5K Submitted: 12 months ago
Description: The scene starts with Megans son getting some cereal when his mom walks into the kitchen and immediately comments on the morning wood she can see under his trousers. She mentions that it has been a long time since mommy helped him practice and they should do so now before leading him over to the sofa.

She gives her son a little talk telling him to remember what she has told him about staying relaxed so he doesn't cum too quickly before she gets down on her knees in front of him and starts playing with him. Megan alternates between handjobs and blowjobs / licking for a while before saying they should take a short break during which she reminds him to stay calm so he doesn't cum.

The above process goes on for most of the rest of the video, she will play with his dick for a bit and then take a break to tease a little and help him not cum before resuming.

The scene finishes with her son stood over her while he finishes himself onto her face before sitting back down so we can get a good view of her covered in his cum.\
Models: ImMeganLive