Sloansmoans - Mommy's Demands (1080p)

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Description: Official Description from ManyVids: CUSTOM FOR TREIGH: I may have had a sip or two too many, but I can't help it that I think of you when I touch myself. I sigh your name as I finger my pussy, I'm so wet for you and that's when... I see you. You've been watching me. Naughty boy... I tell you to come over. I want to see your cock. You're reluctant but I saw you rubbing your dick to me so, what's the problem? Be a good boy and listen to mommy. I'm going to get what I want one way or another... enjoy me, xo

Unofficial Description: While getting drunk your mommy begins to masturbate and you caught her fingering herself. She kept thinking about her good boy and called out your name. As she opens her eyes she sees her good boy. She keeps rubbing her pussy. You are clearly turned on, but you don't wanna show it. Your mommy demands to show her your cock. You are rock hard for your mommy, you can't help it. First she begins to jerk your dick and then to suck it furiously. Mommy is gonna take what is hers. You switch positions and start fucking her from behind in doggystyle. Mommy just wants her boy to fuck her brains out. She wants to fully in control again and start riding you. You see her big beautiful boobs right in front of your face. Mommy wants to feel all of your love, so you thrusting into her in missionary. You are getting close, but mommy doesn't want her boy orgasm in her pussy. She wants to see the price all over her face. After you are getting closer she is getting on her knees and starts to rub your dick to get the beautiful good boy cum on her pretty face. You blast and explode all over your mommy.

Note: the other upload on the site is 720p, this is 1080p
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