Sloansmoans - Let Mommy Drain You

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Description: Watch as your mommy comes into your room to tuck you in for the night. I give you a kiss goodnight but my lips linger longer than they should. I look at you and tell you that I shouldn't be sharing this with, but the reason I haven't been with anyone else since your father left is because I only get turned on by naughty things... taboo things... I've waited as long as I can but I can't help it anymore because you're so handsome and I need you so badly. I give you more kisses and tell you that I love you and ask if you want to try something with me... I slowly start to stroke your cock as I kiss you more. I can't believe I'm touching my own son's dick but it's turning me on so much. I start to suck your cock for a bit until I confess to you that I want to fuck you. I tell you that I want your cum deep inside me and that I want you to impregnate me. I start riding you and enjoy every second of it. It's so wrong and forbidden and that makes me so, so horny. I then tell you that I want you to be a big boy and fuck me. I get on my back and ask you to fuck mommy. You fuck me and I kiss you throughout, until I'm going to cum all over your cock. We cum together and I tell you that I'm so happy you made me pregnant. Afterwards, I tell you that I want to marry you and that we should go somewhere that no one knows we're mother and son... enjoy me, xo
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