[WCA Productions] Jackie Ohh - Distracted By My Sexy Stepmom - Complete Series

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Description: After i saw my sexy stepmom Jackie naked yesterday it was all i could think about. so when i was at school today i got super horny and decided to go jerk off in the bathroom. i didn't think that was a big deal till my teacher caught me and said he was going to call my parents. the only person my teacher could get a hold of was my stepmom Jackie. she came to school and picked me up, she didn't really say anything to me on the ride home. once we walked in the door she demanded a big explanation for what happened at school. i decided to just tell her the truth so i told her it was her fault. she asked what the hell i was talking about, i told her i accidentally walked in on her and saw her naked. that kinda shocked her into silence, she got a thoughtful look on her face then told me to wait for her in her bedroom. a minute later she walked into the room with a bottle of something in her hand and a towel. she told me that since i couldn't focus at school and since she was my step-mom now she was going to help me. she told me to take my pants off, i asked her if she was serious and she said she was. when i dropped my pants my dick sprung out, she told me to sit back down. i asked her what she was going to do and without saying a word she reached out and started stroking my dick. having my sexy stepmom stroke my dick was absolutely amazing and before long she made me cum like crazy. she told me if i didn't tell my dad or anyone else and if i stayed focused in school then we could do this after school everyday!

it had been a little over a week since my stepmom Jackie had started jerking me off after school and it had been a great week to say the least! so today when i got home was the same as usual, i walked into the kitchen and we made some small talk about our days. i couldn't take it anymore and i asked her if she could help me relieve some stress, she smiled and told me to go to her room and take my pants off and she would be in soon. so i was sitting naked on the chair my dad and stepmom kept in the bedroom when Jackie walked in. i got a little worried when i noticed she didnt have the bottle of lube and towel we normally used for our sessions. she sat down between my legs and told me she noticed it had been taking me longer to cum during our sessions which was perfectly normal since most guys built up a resistance. i told her i was sorry anyways and she said we just need to try other ways to get me to cum. i asked her what she meant by other ways and before i knew it she leaned forward and to my rock hard cock into her mouth! she was so soft and sweet as she sucked my cock it felt amazing. even thought i was ready to blow my load i asked her if i could stand since that would probably help me cum faster. she agreed so my sexy stepmom stayed on her knees while she continued to suck me off. i decided to push it a little further and asked her if she could take her top of and she actually did!i just laid back on the bed she shared with my dad and let my sexy topless stepmom suck me off and swallow my nut. i cant wait to get home from school tomorrow!

When i got home from school i found my stepmom Jackie in the kitchen doing some dishes. we made some small talk and i smoothly asked if my dad was still at work, she said he was. i told her about all the homework i had and since my dad was still at work would she be able to help me relieve some stress? she laughed and said sure babe, she told me to go get undressed on her bed and she would be in soon. i was laying naked on the bed that Jackie shared with my dad when she walked in! she told me she noticed it was take me longer to cum during our blowjob sessions so she was going to do something more to help me release. i asked her what she was going to do and she just smiled at me and proceeded to strip naked! i didn't think it was possible but my dick actually got hard as i stared at my naked stepmoms perfect body! she crawled on the bed between my legs and started giving a super sloppy blowjob. she deep throated my dick and spit all over it, i could have came quick but i wanted to see how far she was willing to go to get me to cum! after a few minutes i told her i was sorry with how long i was taking. she said it was ok and that most guys build up a tolerance. she said we would just have to try something else to get me to cum. before i realized what was happening she straddled me and lowered herself down on to my dick and started to ride me! watching my stepmom throw her juicy ass back onto my dick was the most amazing thing ever. i felt myself getting ready to cum and when i told her she toll me to cum inside of her!!! i fuck my stepmom after school every day now and my poor dad still doesn't know!






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