Sloansmoans - Mommy's Taboo Secrets

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Description: Watch as your mom comes into your room and asks to share your bed because she's feeling lonely. You say yes and she gets into bed with you. She gives you a quick peck on the mouth and cuddles you and starts telling you how much she loves you. She's being so sweet and gentle with you, she then starts giving you more passionate kisses... and pauses. She then tells you that she wants to talk to you about something. She tells you that she hasn't been with anyone since your father died. She's remained alone because... she explains that she only likes things that are... taboo. She tells you that means forbidden and wrong. She tells you that she often wants to be naughty with men she's not supposed to. She comments on what a handsome boy you are now and how she wants to try something with you. She takes her boobs out and asks you to suck on them like when you were small. She loves having your mouth on her nipples, she starts getting so turned on. She asks if you are enjoying it and you say yes. She keeps her tits out and reaches into your pants and is completely surprised at how big and thick your cock is. You're so hard for mommy. She kisses you passionately and tells you how wrong it is what you and her are doing. This is turning her on even more. She starts to suck your cock and gets hornier and hornier. She dirty talks about how wrong it is to be doing this. She tells you that you shouldn't have sex but she really wants to. She wants to commit this wrong act and she can't help herself. You want to make mommy happy. You get on top of her and she begins to guide you into her pussy. She made you and now she wants to make love with you. You start fucking your mommy so good. She can't believe how good your cock feels. This is so wrong which makes it even better. You keep fucking her and then all of a sudden she says that she has a secret to tell you. She tells you that she likes taboo so much that she fucked her own father she let him cum deep inside her pussy to make a baby. And that baby is you! Her father is your father too! Talking about this is driving her wild and she starts begging for your cum. She wants you to cum inside of her too. She wants you to get her pregnant. She wants you to beed her. She wants you both to cum at the same time. You fill her wet, warm pussy with your cum as you cum together. Afterwards, she sits in front of you and tells you how much she loves her and that she's going to have your baby. She tells you that you and her can make love whenever you please and that you can be mom/son lovers forever...
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