[WCAProductions] Sheena Ryder - Sinning With My Stepmom Before Church Complete Series (1080p)

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Description: This is the full and complete series of Sinning With My Stepmom Before Church, this series stars Sheena Ryder. This is a POV Taboo Milf Cougar Cheating Wife Cuckold Religious Christian CFNM JOI Masturbation Handjob Topless Deepthroat Blowjob Hardcore Creampie Sex Series.

Part 2
it was Sunday morning again which meant it was time to get up and go to church. last week my stepmom Sheena was trying to rush me so we wouldn't be late and she walked in on me jerking off. she was of course freaked and upset but instead of leaving she stayed in the room and hurried me alone while i jerked off. she said it was to make sure i finished quickly but to me it seemed like she was enjoying the show. so anyways that was a week ago and i was curious if it was going to happen again. i walked in the kitchen and found Sheena wearing her Sunday best. she said my step-dad was upstairs getting ready and i needed to hurry, she told me that i need to do what i did last week i should hurry! so a few minutes later i was laying on my bed jerking off when Sheena walked in, she kept up the idea that she was only in there to hurry me alone but i didn't buy that. i made a show of how hard i was tryin but couldn't cum, she told me i would just have to finish later. i told her i was fine with that but my dick wouldn't go down or fit in my pants. she looked thoughtful for a moment the told me to keep this a secret and that we would have to hurry because my step-dad would be ready soon and since he was a crazy Christian he wouldn't let us be late! with that my stepmom jerked me off in my bed on a beautiful Sunday morning before church while my step-dad was in the next room.

Part 3
Today before church i found my sexy stepmom Sheena in the kitchen wearing her Sunday best. she told me to hurry up and get dresses for church, she said my step-dad didn't want us to be late. i told her i had the same morning wood issues that i had last week. she rolled her eyes and told me to go back to my bedroom, take my clothes off, get into bed and she would be in soon! so while i was laying in my bed naked Sheena walked in looked at my dick and slowly began to undress. she stripped down to her bra and panties and made the excuses that she didn't want me to make a mess on her church dress. i asked if she brought my lube and she told me no, she told me it made to much of a mess so she was gonna help me another way. she leaned forward and started sucking my dick. it felt so good i almost came but instead i asked her to take her bra and in the good lords name she did and swallowed my load at the end!

Part 4
when i got out of bed for church i realized my alarm hadn't gone off and no one had come up to my room to get me for church. i went to find my stepmom Sheena to see what was going on. she was in the kitchen when i finally found her, i asked her what was going on. she got a naughty look on her face and told me that she had told my step-dad to go to church without us, she told my step-dad that we were both sick. i asked why and she told me she wanted to spend our church day sinning with me by fucking my brains out and we did!
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