Missbehavin26 - Mom's Doppleganger and Son

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Description: Part 1 - Doppelgänger Porn Discovery with monologue

Part 2 - She later confronts. She is upset. She further explains that at first glance she thought you had been spying on her. With slight relief that it isn't her it changes nothing about the fact that Missbehavin looks exactly like her and that her son is watching her taboo videos. She stresses that she cannot have her son fantasizing about this. It is wrong and she won't have her son thinking about it. Fortunately, she has a solution. She has contacted Missbehavin about paying you a visit to help get things out of your system and leave the fantasies behind you and she has agreed.

Part 3 - When the big day arrives you aren't exactly sure what to expect. You only know that your mother will be gone for the night and Missbehavin will be there. Still strongly opposed, your mother answers the phone and announces that Missbehavin has arrived and she will be leaving. She exits and soon after Missbehavin enters (clothing change). Confused you say "(not spoken, implied speech) Mom, I thought...” She interrupts "Mom? Oh no, I'm not your mom.” Acting with the same mannerisms as your mom, yet way more seductive. "Although your mother and I could be identical twins.” She goes on to tease all of the resemblances that she shares with his mother starting to strip in the process. "Do you think this is what your mom's breasts might look? Is this how you imagined her butt would look? How she would look naked?” Stripped down to lingerie, she leads you to your mother's room. "Let me guess. This room is your mom's?” Then easing him into it "Don't look so hesitant. I'm not your mom, remember? Would it help if we masturbated together.” "That's it. You would know if I was your mom...right?” Blowjob "I mean your mom would never do something like this...right?...See I'm not really your mom. I'm all yours and it's not even wrong” Sex continuing to tease (cowgirl, doggy, missionary)....For the climax "If you want it to be naughty I could pretend that I'm your mom.” "How badly do you want to fill this pussy up? It's all just a fantasy...right?” "What if I really was your mom?” "When your mom told you about this, did she show you our messages? Did you see us in the same room together switching places? Do you know your mother well enough to know if I was her? You know me well enough...right son? Go ahead and say it. Who am I? Fuck me. Fuck your mother.”
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