[ManyVids] Penny Barber - Mom Jerks You Off After You Punch a Wall

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Description: When I hear a loud bang, I rush into your room to see what's the matter. Apparently your prude girlfriend dumped you. You're embarrassed to admit it at first, but apparently instead of masturbating you've been pestering her for a hand job every single time you get horny! I explain that masturbating is easy and what you should be doing rather than pestering your girlfriend all the time. But what can you do with that busted hand? I guess Mommy's going to have to help you out and, after a quick trip to the store, I have all sorts of jerk off goodies to keep my special little guy content until that hand heals and he can take care of his own eager dick like a big boy. Just promise to tell Mommy whenever you need to cum!

Penny Barber role-plays jerking off her son after he gets dumped. She then masturbates on the couch and jerks of her son (while talking to his ex-gf on the phone).
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